About us

In today’s increasingly globalized world, information is crucial to a business. In order to make the best decisions, as well as select the most appropriate partners.

More than  30 years of service to professional cosmetics have forged a company with character, personality, and know-how that we want you to be acquainted with.

We want to demonstrate to you that we are a company enthusiastic about what we do, and the passion to work with the best.

Our continuous endeavor is to give you the best in quality and innovative products. Kamill Cosmetics manufacturer of a variety of cosmetics and toiletries including Bleach Creams, Facial Kits. Face Packs. Face Scrubs. Facial Gels. Massage Creams. Astringent. Moisturizer. Skin Toner. Cleansing Milk. Hair SPA. Professional Hair Colors and Oxydants. 


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