Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub

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  • The goodness of Nature: Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub is made from natural ingredients and does not burn the skin or cause rashes and other skin problems on the face. The glow remains for a very long time, too, without adversely affecting the skin.
  • Long-lasting fairness: This natural Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub glow is long-lasting compared to any other D-Oxy Tan Scrub out there. The skin remains glowing without any additional makeup.
  • Zero chemicals: Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub does not contain harmful artificial chemicals or synthetic products like the other D-Tan Cream.
  • Pleasant Aroma: After using this cream, you find a pleasant and fresh smell all around you.

Say Hello to Glowing Skin

Are you having problems with an aged-looking and dull face? Have you ever considered getting a Younger with Kamill’s D-Oxy Tan Scrub to restore your youthful appearance?

D-Oxy Tan Scrub is extremely popular among men and women who want to restore their skin to its natural state of cleanliness and clarity, apart from the glow of youth they get by using this cream.

Besides giving you that desired glow, the Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub may assist you with various skin issues such as Cure Wrinkles, cure sun burn, lightens dark spots and blemish removal. D-Oxy Tan range is available in different types. You can choose the one which you feel is suitable for your skin. Hardly you come across such a range of products on the same item from any company.

Natural Ingredients

The Kamill D-Oxy Tan Cream is prepared with resources and ingredients that are available in nature. As a result, you may put your anxieties regarding side effects to rest. The D-Oxy Tan Scrub is so skin-friendly that it will surprise you. Your looks will be positively glowing because it is formed by using all-natural resources. Your past bitter experiences with other facial brands which used artificial ingredients will be a thing of the past. Also, because of applying natural ingredients, the effect of Kamill’s D-Oxy Tan Scrub will have a lasting impact on the skin without causing any damage to it. Harmful chemicals, acidic contents have caused many skin problems with users of those creams in the past. With Kamill’s, you have a beauty therapy partner whom you can completely trust.

Extensive collection to choose from

Kamill’s D-Oxy Tan Scrub comes in different varieties. You can choose the one you are looking for or the type which suits you from a list of other varieties at your disposal. Examples of some of them are —- D-oxy tan cream, D- Oxy Tan Gel, D-Oxy Tan Bleach.

Perfect For All Types of Skin

The Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub is suitable for all types of skin, giving a glow to the face in a few minutes. The result is flawless glowing skin. It is protecting skin from tanning, clarify the skin and bring glow, polish & smooth the skin texture, can use as a day cream daily.

Dark Spot Killer

The Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub is one of the best De tan creams for the face since it contains natural ingredients that help lighten our skin and even our skin tone. Its naturally occurring ingredients will not cause the face to burn or itch. It will remove all the acne sport and dark spots, and you will be left with a dazzling sparkle on your face.

Simple Application process

The application process is ridiculously simple and easy. Clean and wash the area where you will apply the cream with cold water moisten your face, gently massage on moisten with fingertips, wait for 4-5 minutes, wash with plain water and dry.

Carefully avoiding eyes

Why Kamill’s D-Oxy Tan Scrub?

The market is full of bleaching products/creams of the face that are ready to mislead you with their false claims. Most bleach / creams in the market try to fool us and not deliver what they promise in their numerous advertisements. So, why fall for those false claims again.

and again, when you have a trusted brand like Kamill’s that uses natural ingredients that will not damage your skin in any manner and add a sparkle to the skin.


Kamill D-Oxy Tan Scrub comes at very reasonable pricing that can be afforded by any person who is looking for it. It does the job properly and gives the skin a different type of genuine dazzling glow and texture. D-Oxy Tan Scrub provides the face with a glow that no other cream can. You get value for your hard-earned money. So, why choose any other D-Oxy Tan Scrub when Kamill’s is giving you quality at a very reasonable price.

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm



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