Kamill Hair Developer Cream Oxydant


  • HOW TO USE: STEP 1: Put on a hairdresser’s cape and plastic gloves to avoid staining your hands and clothes. Choose your developer for your hair color preference. STEP 2: Mix developer with hair color with corresponding hair developer properly in a plastic or ceramic bowl.
  • STEP 3: Apply the mixture evenly on your hair as desired. Decide whether you want to dye all your hair or highlight only a few sections. Part your hair and apply the color mixture accordingly. STEP 4: Rinse off after half an hour. CAUTION: Do not use a metal bowl for mixing purposes. Always wear hand plastic gloves to avoid staining on hands and clothes.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS 1 Developer USAGE: Can be used for lightening hair techniques, temporary or permanent hair color.
  • BENEFITS: No damage and dullness. Gives luster and shine to hair Gives long-lasting perfect shade in your hair. Keeps the color in active contact with hair without any dripping. Releases oxygen while coloring to give excellent coverage and uniformity.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Men and Women. QUANTITY: 500 ml
Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm
Hair Developer

20 Vol 250ml Pack of 2, 20 Vol 500 ml, 30 Vol 250ml Pack of 2, 30 Vol 500 ml, 40 Vol 250ml Pack of 2, 40 Vol 500 ml


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