Kamill Magnetic Purple Hair Color

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  • Ammonia-Free – Its ammonia-free formula shields the hair from any damage and gives it a
    smooth finish. It does not dry out the hairs that occur due to the presence of ammonia or
  • Glossy Hair: The kamill hair color adds an extra lustrous shine that makes your hair look
    glossy. It nourishes the hair from within, making it look shinier than ever before.
  • Optimal Grey Hair Coverage – It gives full coverage to grey hairs, covering them at the
    maximum with a glossy look. The hair color can last up to more than 30 hair washes,
    maintaining the same look just like the first-day look.
  • Natural Hair – kamill hair coloring solution protects the inner layers of the natural hair,
    coloring only the outer hair shaft. This helps in retaining the natural health of the hair,
    protecting it from any damage.

Kamill Hair Color Cream with Almond Oil and Tea Extract

Ever experienced the fun of playing with professional hair colors? kamill is the ultimate hair care solution that got your back. Hair coloring can be sneaky when you are just starting out or have had a bad experience. These problems have now come to an end with kamill hair dye.

Free From Skin Irritating Ingredients

Kamill hair coloring solution is free from ingredients that may cause skin irritation in some instances. The product contains ingredients that do not aggravate the scalp, unlike other hair coloring agents—anyone looking forward to trying exploring with contrasting hair colors and initially hit by the doubt. kamill hair coloring will serve you best and overcome all the doubts

You might have due to the first time or bad experience. The hair dye won’t cause any skin allergies, thereby protecting the scalp.

Glossy Look

 The ordinary hair-dying agents have the problem that they leave the hair rough, dry, and frizzy. This scares most people who want to color their hair but cannot approach it because of their doubts. Hair-dying agents can indeed cause damage but not in the case with kamill.

Kamill hair colors nourish the hair and also adds natural shine. Hairs become glossy, shiny, and frizz-free. It can achieve the results you always wanted to have. The shine and the color strength can last up to more than 30 washes.

Kamill Hair Color Perfect For All Hair Types

kamill is perfect for all hair types, be it frizzy, straight, curl, oily, or dry. It blends well with all hair types and gives extra coverage to the grey hairs popping up then and now. It also works well on professionally treated hairs that have undergone straightening and perming.

The color stays firm even on the styled hair and gives a beautiful lustrous shine that one can’t stop gazing at.

Spectrum Of Colors

Kamill offers distinct product ranges that you can choose according to your preferred style. You can play with different hair colors, be it red to yellow or blue to pink. You can grab these hair colors all under one roof. We have tempting shades of brown, black, blue, pink, and purple. All the colors are enriched with the integrity of Argan oil that protects the hair color in the long run. You don’t have to go looking for shades that are not readily available in the market. Shop with us to get a broader spectrum of colors.

Easy To Apply

 The application process is so easy and straightforward that you don’t even need to find a professional to do it for you. It takes a few easy steps to get yourself ready for the flawless hairs that will make everyone go wow.

  • Wash the hair first with shampoo to ensure your scalp and hairs are clean. Unwashed hair may have stickiness, sweat, and dust, which can resist the hair dye from the proper
  • Pat your hair with a towel and let it stay Damp hair ensures a smooth-easy application, covering all the hairs properly.
  • Divide the hairs into
  • Use the glove and brush to apply the coloring cream along the lengths of the Make sure you don’t color the hairline that touches the forehead.
  • Ensure that you have covered all the sections of the
  • Avoid applying to eyelashes or eyebrows. As it can stain them in the long
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes, and then head to shower your hair with cold
  • Let the hair dry Don’t blow-dry the hair immediately after heading out of the shower.
  • Enjoy the beautiful lustrous shiny hair look, ready to flaunt in just 30

Why kamill?

 The market is full of products that are ready to trap you in their false claims. Most of the products in the market lie and don’t offer you the claimed results. Why fall for them? When you have a trusted brand that uses ingredients that don’t damage your hair and also add glossiness to the hair. The best part is that it is a damage-free solution to all your grey hair issues. A highly satisfying product for the hair-lovers out there.

kamill hair colors will fulfill all the expectations that you have from a hair color brand. It doesn’t contain the ingredients which may cause skin irritation in some instances. Protect the scalp from skin allergy. The product is a thousand times better than the permanent dyes that are on the opportunity to damage hair. The product contains ingredients that have undergone tests according to the accompanying clinical test routine. kamill is the permanent hair color solution that you always wanted. The result we claim is what we serve.


The product is pocket-friendly and serves the purpose of Value for Money. It is formulated with natural ingredients that are tested to meet the expectations of our customers. If you are looking for a hassle-free, pocket-friendly product, we are here for you. We haven’t left any stones unturned to meet up your satisfaction.


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