Kamill Liposoluble Wax

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Kamill White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax is made from a distinct blend of extremely stable and purified hydrocarbon resins, natural vegetable oils, and added white chocolate extracts, the result is an extremely safe and indulgent depilatory experience with the added benefits of healthy and younger-looking skin. KAMILL WHITE CHOCOLATE LIPOSOLUBLE WAX FOR ALL TYPES SKIN Contains active ingredients typical to White Chocolate such as Caffeine, and proteins Cocoa Butter has a nourishing, anti-oxidizing, energizing, and revitalizing action. Indicated for depilating most body parts, for emulated without Colophony, and won’t irritate the skin. How to use: Remove the lid, place the container in the wax heater at maxi mum temperature level until a liquid consistency is achieved, then set the unit at the desired working temperature. With a spatula, apply a thin coat of wax at a 45 degrees angle in the direction of hair growth. Work in small sections until familiar with the procedures involved. Hold the skin taut and pull off the wax with one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth keeping the non-woven strip as close to the skin as possible.


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